Alan Brown: Nevill photos and cuttings

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Alan Brown lived in the Nevill since its very beginnings, having been born there when his father bought a house over 80 years ago. Alan was living in Highdown Road when he sadly passed away in 2016.

Alan was a kind, well-respected, and a most interesting community member on the Nevill. He was one of the first people to help convert the Fever Hospital into the St Mary’s Social Centre Community Hall in Christie Road, Lewes, which opened in 1962.

Alan could recall every change on the Nevill over the last 70 odd years from concrete air raid shelters to remembering the stream that used to run behind his house. A great contributor to local life, with an amazing collection of photos of local life, and an amateur historian of the ‘Nev’.

Adapted from Village Voice: Nevill, in Sussex Express, 26 February 2016, by David Sale and Heather Evans

Here we present some of Alan’s photos and newspaper cutting spanning 1943 to 1971, many involving the St. Mary’s Social Centre, Lewes:

For a history of the old fever isolation hospital, see The Lewes Hospital for Infectious Diseases, by Peter Russell.