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A Lewes Lad’s Life in The Thirties and Forties, by Brian Beck

1929 to 1949 – Black and White

I first thought that I would write this story to give, to those, who hadn’t experienced life in the 30s and 40s, an insight of what life had been like in Lewes during the decades 1929 to 1949. The first takes the reader from the day I was born to the outbreak of the second war in 1939 and the second through the six war years and the following four years of change.

It is not an autobiography I don’t use my name and I only mention real names when I have something relevant to say or if it is significant, however, everything in this story is as I saw it happen, remember it and my thoughts. I recognise that, having never kept a diary, readers may detect errors of dates and location but I hope they will bear with me. My views on many things have changed over the following years but this how I saw things and what I believed then.

Many years ago my granddaughter was about seven she was watching an old film on the television with my wife and me she suddenly asked “what was the world like when it was black and white”. We explained that the world was always full of colour but realised that in some way the early days of our lives up to the years immediately before and after the war was the way we lived, our views and expectations seemed set down in black and white hence the title of the first and second decades of my life.

Brian’s story is presented in several sections: