History of King Henry’s Road, and De Warrenne Road, Lewes

Sheila Wood has been living on King Henry’s Road on the Wallands Park Estate since the 1980s, and has been researching the history of the houses there, and how this suburban area has developed from the late 19th century onward.

You can find Sheila’s work on King Henry’s Road, and De Warrenne Road on her own website, which she describes as a work in progress. There is a page for each house, with as much information as Sheila has been able to gather about who lived there and when. You may recognise names such as boot manufacturer Albion Russell, or Mayor Reginald Yarrow, their family members, and the staff who helped to run these households.

While she has been able to collect a fair amount of detail from 1890 up until 1939, post-WW2 era information is harder to come by. So if you have any comments or information that could be added, please do get in touch.

King Henry's Road, Lewes, Numbers 2-4
Numbers 2 and 4, King Henry’s Road, Lewes


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New book: Country Houses of the South Downs, by Sue Berry

This book is the sixth in the Sussex Archaeological Society and the South Downs National Park Authority’s ‘South Downs’ series, and tells the story of the country house on the Downs. They developed a distinctive role as the centre of country house estates, the number of which increased and then declined between about 1200 and 1950.

As England became wealthier and more politically stable from the later medieval period, the ownership of an estate with a country house became an aspiration of people who had made their wealth through business or profited from their dealings as holders of government posts.

This 160 page book includes over 100 illustrations and four maps in colour, and a list of places which are accessible to the public, and where to find more information about going there.

Sue Berry was the Principal Lecturer in Tourism Management at Brighton University. She wrote Georgian Brighton, and has published in books, in national and international journals, on tourism and history. She lectures on aspects of the historical period between c1680 and 1914.

This book is available online from the Sussex Archaeological Society at £12.50 including p&p

Image at the Sussex Archaeological Society’s website


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Sussex Archaeological Collections – Digitised Volumes

The Sussex Archaeological Society has been publishing its journal Sussex Archaeological Collections since 1846. This major scholarly contribution to the study of local archaeology and history is the first port of call for anyone researching the past of Sussex.

Recently, a team of volunteers at the Sussex Archaeological Society has digitised all volumes of the Sussex Archaeological Collections, and since mid-2021 the volumes have been accessible online via the Archaeology Data Service. In addition, some out of copyright volumes were digitised earlier by Google.

Links to all digitised volumes of Sussex Archaeological Collections are listed on the Lewes History Group website with the consent of the Sussex Archaeological Society.

The Sussex Archaeological Society also provides an index to all SAC articles (up to Vol 143, 2005) via their website.

Image at Sussex Archaeological Society Library web page


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