The Lewes Hospital for Infectious Diseases

Also known as the Isolation Hospital, and the Lewes Sanitary Hospital

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A History by Peter Russell

In 1991, I was asked by the local newspaper to write articles of events taking place around the Nevill and Downs estates. As most of us are aware, many of the events take place in the St Mary’s Social centre but the Centre only began its life in 1962. Before this time it had been flats and, earlier still, a hospital for infectious diseases. After I had written four episodes regarding the beginning of the hospital the newspaper decided not to continue the series. They said it was not of much interest to the present population.

However I got interested in the early happenings of the hospital and decided that it was worthwhile continuing. Most of the information comes from the early hospital minute books at the Record Office, Lewes.

Peter Russell, 1992

Lewes Hospital for Infectious Diseases, on crop of Ordnance Survey map, 1911Chapters:


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