The Home Front: Sussex in the First World War – Sussex Archaeological Society Conference, Saturday 26 April 2014

In this centenary year of the outbreak of the ‘war to end all wars’, the Sussex Archaeological Society is exploring the impact of the Great War on Sussex as part of the ‘Home Front’. Their one day conference will explore the following topics:

On the outbreak of war, rural and municipal leaders in Sussex mobilised manpower and material and organised the county’s response to a continental war. Recruitment
here for the Army resulted in the loss of many young men.

The county’s proximity to the continent was of considerable significance, and many training camps were established here, plus airship bases and other important military installations.

Local people raised funds and established hospitals for many injured military
personnel and supplied medical packages for the Front. Agriculture, in a
depression before the War, was revived and managed to raise output but food
was in short supply.

As the war came to an end, Spanish Flu resulted in many deaths adding to the pressures on the medical services. Yet, some aspects of normal life here continued such as the leisure activities of the resorts, and cinemas which also provided a means of communication about the war to residents.

Venue: Lewes Town Hall

Further details and booking: Sussex Archaeological Society

Non-members are welcome




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