Three Iron Ages in Sussex? Sussex Archaeological Society talk, Saturday 12 April, 2:30 – 3:30pm

John Manley: Three Iron Ages in Sussex? Weald, Downs and Coastal Plain

The landscapes of Sussex can easily be di­vided into three – the coastal plain, the Downs and the Weald. Each landscape offered par­ticular resources and advantages not found in the other two. Iron Age communities lived and worked in each of these landscapes in specific ways, giving a distinct quality to the surviving archaeological record in each area, and it is likely that the landscapes possessed different symbolic values for those living among them as well. This talk by John Manley will explore the three different Iron Ages of Sussex both from the practical and symbolic dimensions and suggest potential links between them.

Venue: Peter Drewett Educational Resource Centre, Barbican House, Lewes

Cost: £6. Limited numbers – please call 01273 405737 (Tues-Fri) to book

This event is open to non-members






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