Archaeology Discovery Day at Priory Park – Saturday 12 March 2016, 12-4pm

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be an archaeologist?
Do you want to know what they have they been digging down at Priory Park?
What does it feel like to find something exciting on a dig?

Come and find out at the Archaeology Discovery Day at Priory Park, Lewes, this Saturday 12th March 2016!

A tame archaeologist will be waiting to answer all your questions and explain our recent findings at the Priory. You can even have a go yourself at digging for mediaeval (replica) coins, or learn to fire an arrow at a target.

Three exciting new initiatives will be also be unveiled on the day:

  • A beautiful and detailed model of the Priory, showing its development over its 500 year history, with Trust historian Arthur Franklin on hand to demonstrate and explain.
    More on the model.
  • The prototype of a new board game – A Monk’s Life: based on the lives of the monks at the Priory – will also be on show. Try it out and feed back any comments before the game goes into final production in April.
  • You can also try out a new interactive virtual archaeology game called Yeast of Eden, based on the Priory and what has been found there. The game promises all the thrills and disappointments of real archaeology without having to get your hands dirty.

Archaeology Discovery Day 2016 posterLewes Priory Trust, which look afters Priory Park and the ruins, are organising the day.
Chairman of the Trust, Sy Morse Brown, said, “ We want to bring archaeology to life and
hope this day will encourage more people to get involved with our fascinating site. We
know that there’s still a great deal left to find out about the Priory and we would like as
many people as possible to come with us on this journey of discovery”.

The Archaeology Day runs form 12 midday to 4 pm on Saturday March 12th at Priory Park.
Entrance is free.


The event is supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.
For more information see the Lewes Priory website or contact Helen Chiasson 01273 483462.




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