Lewes Street Stories Exhibition: 10-11 September 2016

A Lewes Heritage Open Days Event

The Lewes Street Stories project was set up by the Lewes History Group and teams in South Street and Grange Road, at opposite ends of the town, are the latest to exhibit their discoveries. Located in the Town Hall as part of the Heritage Open Days, the event runs 10 – 11 September & entry is FREE.

The exhibition will display archive documents and photographs that reveal more about the houses and their residents. The groups are keen to research who the early residents were, their jobs and businesses as well as family sizes and where children went to school.

South Street and Grange Road Lewes
South Street: Bliss postcard courtesy of Linda Weller. Grange Road: a Funnell’s Series postcard

South Street has a long history as it was one of the original medieval routes into the separate community of Cliffe. Heather Downie and her team have made a start by collecting maps, photos, census returns, newspaper cuttings and recording the memories of those who have South Street connections. Heather explains: “South Street was never a home for the gentry, but a working place, with timber yards, river wharfs, boat yards and chalk pits. There has been almost continual development of housing, often replacements for earlier buildings, right up to the present with the Grand Designs’ Rusty House finished in 2015.”

Grange Road was first developed in 1865 from land sold by two estates: the Acland Estate and the Southover Priory Estate. At that time it straddled both St Ann’s and Southover parishes.

The team leader, Bridget Millmore says, “We’ve uncovered stories of everyday and unusual events, including details of bonfire preparations, an accident involving an overturned grape lorry and evacuation by boat during the 1960s flood.”

Lewes Street Stories Exhibition posterThe Streets Stories Exhibition is in the Yarrow Room, Lewes Town Hall:

Saturday 11am-3pm
Sunday 10am-3pm



Lewes Heritage Open Days are organised by the Friends of Lewes


There is a related exhibition on the history of Station Street on Sunday 11 September 2016 from 11am-4pm, at 23 Station Street, the birthplace of Dr Gideon Mantell.




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