Walk with Dinosaurs – talk on Friday 9 February 2018, 7:30pm

Gideon Mantell Memorial Lecture: a Lewes Dinosaur Project event

Ellinor Michel: Walk with Dinosaurs

There’s a chance to find out more about the park in South London where you can Walk with Dinosaurs – although these are not as we imagine them now. These Dinosaurs were ‘given flesh’ in the first attempt at three-dimensional life-like reconstructions when they formed the centrepieces of Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins’s inspired Crystal Palace geological islands.

Ellinor Michel chair of the Friends of Crystal Palace Dinosaurs will speak in Lewes for the Gideon Mantell Memorial Lecture about the challenges and importance of these models. She is a taxonomist and evolutionary biologist at the Natural History Museum.

Mantell was born in St Mary’s Lane Lewes on 3 February 1790 and spent much of his early life in Lewes as doctor, geologist, early palaeontologist and writer. Every year around this time we invite a speaker on a related theme to present a talk.

Crystal Palace Park dinosaurs
Crystal Palace Park dinosaurs

Venue: Linklater Pavilion, Railway Lane, Lewes BN7 2FG

Entry: £3 from the venue

For more information, contact Debby Matthews





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