New book on Thomas Paine

Paul Myles: The Rise of Thomas Paine: and the Case of the Officers of Excise, etc, Lewes 1772. Thomas Paine Society UK, 2018.

Thomas Paine is known by all Americans as one of their founding fathers: his seminal publication Common Sense kindled the War of Independence.

This original and scholarly work by Paul Myles explains the rise of Thomas Paine, who was chosen by a Commissioner of Excise, George Lewis Scott, to write The Case of the Officers of Excise, while Paine was in Lewes in 1772.

This work identified and condemned the deep corruption within the English excise service, and called for the organization of workers to improve their pay and conditions. The origins of Paine’s links with figures such as Benjamin Franklin, so important when Paine moved to North America, is thereby explained.

Myles - The Rise of Thomas Paine book cover


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