Roland Bryce: Carmina ex Ruinas – Sunday 29th September 2019, doors open at 6pm

Roland Bryce is a composer and a music technology tutor at the East Sussex Academy of Music.

His new work, Carmina ex Ruinas, (Songs from the ruins) is a set of songs, plus narration, inspired by the stones from the ruins of Priory of Saint Pancras in Lewes.

A musical drama traced around the 1538 destruction by Sappers and Sr. Portinari of the Lewes Priory, at the behest of Cromwell and the monarch. The musicians and actor portray the story of an itinerant Monk who witnesses the events around the 20th to the 24th March 1538. The fiction is well keyed into historical accuracy and the poignancy of the story and the music combine to make a new and very ‘Lewes work’.

The songs feature transcribed phrases of Gregorian chant with a blend of functional harmony and modern textures including some synthesizer timbres that support the vocals.

Venue: St Mary’s Church, Church Hill, Ringmer, Lewes BN8 5JX

Entry: £10 at the door (portion of proceeds to Prostate Cancer UK)

Image at Roland Bryce’s website


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