Brian and Jacqueline Bodle: Growing up on the Nevill Estate

Brian and Jacqueline Bodle (née Windless) grew up on the Nevill Estate in Lewes, and describe their earlier lives in and around the estate in a vivid account. Their stories centre mostly on the 1940s and ‘50s, and range across areas like everyday life in the community, housework, shopping, going rabbiting, the Race Course, the War, and Nevill Sports Days.

Brian and Jacqueline’s evocative and colourful account is the result of an interview they gave to the Nevill Street Story team. Led by Ann Holmes, this team has assembled a large collection of  photos, cuttings, and spoken memories about early life and events on the Nevill. This remarkable material is accessible to everyone on the Lewes History Group website, as part of our Lewes Street Stories series.

End of WWII street party, Hamsey Crescent, Lewes
Street party in Hamsey Crescent celebrating the end of World War 2
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Brian and Jacqueline Bodle’s early memories

The Nevill Street Story

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