New book: The Pells of Lewes: Pool, Park, People, Places

The Lewes History Group published its latest book on 1 September 2020.

As part of the Lewes History Group’s Street Stories series about our town, this book uncovers change and continuity in ‘The Pells’, the original name for this spring-fed landscape.

It documents with maps, artwork, documents and photographs, how the uses of this area changed over time – looking at long-gone features such as sacred springs, medieval swanneries, a river navigation lock and a paper mill – and how these have contributed to the current landscape and natural history.

The Pells of Lewes - book coverIt also tells the story of the 19th century ‘pleasure grounds’, swimming pool, and recreation ground – remarkable achievements for a small market town.

The story includes the history of the former farmhouse, the oldest dwelling in the Pells, once part of the Shelley family’s domain, and reveals how the Lewes Cattle Market Company, which bought the farm as a site for a cattle market, became an accidental housing developer to help pay its bills.
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The richly-illustrated, 160-page book covers many other intriguing elements of the Pells and can be ordered now at £12.50 using this order form, and available from the Tourist Information Centre, Skylark, Pells Pool, and from other outlets to be confirmed.

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