Great War Barcombe: News from a Sussex village 1914-1919

By the end of the War, Barcombe, an agricultural parish of 1,277 people, had supplied 176 men to the Armed Forces, 36 of whom did not return. What was daily life like for those who were left behind?

Great War Barcombe by Ian HilderIn this book, historian Ian Hilder introduces the reader to the inhabitants of a Sussex village during the Great War in a well illustrated and lively account. Using articles from the Sussex Express of the time and contemporary images, postcards and documents, we follow village life from eager volunteers of 1914 and news from the front, to fund raising on a local stage.

This book was published by Country Books in 2018, and will be followed by an accompanying volume  of biographies of the Barcombe men who died during the War.

Great War Barcombe is available at £10 from Barcombe Village Store, or £13.50 inc. P&P from


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