Talk by Sue Berry on The evolving parish churches of Lewes – Friday 20 November 2020, 7:30pm

A Lewes Archaeological Group talk on Zoom

Sue Berry: The evolving parish churches of Lewes – the impact of changes in worship on our ancient churches c.1600- 1914

The Reformation began a revolution in how we worshipped in parish churches which impacted on how they were arranged internally. Most had galleries built inside which resulted in windows and staircases being inserted into the building.  Long sermons became the main feature of services and chancels fell out of use other than for pews. All Saints was given a nave designed to take galleries and became the first ‘preaching box church’ designed for the sermon based service, followed by St John’s sub Castro. Then it was change again as Anglo-Catholicism and other influences changed ritual in the 1800s. Chancels were brought back into use and added to the churches now without them such as All Saints. The interiors were reorganised again and we see the impact on the exteriors.

This talk will explore the story of our parish churches to 1914 using watercolours, prints and other resources. Much of what was done during the later 1800s can still be seen. The prints and watercolours and plans show us churches before the Victorians began their overhauls.  You can go and see much of what is described today.


You’ll need to register in advance as numbers are limited to 100 people by our Zoom subscription – if you haven’t registered already please click on the link below to do so:

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The meeting open from 7.15pm: please join early if you would like any technical help.


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