Peter Fellows remembers life on the Nevill

Peter Fellows was born in October 1939 and lived at 50 Middle Way on the Nevill until he married Patricia in 1962.

With his amazing memory, Peter recalls his friends and neighbours by name – over 80 families, largely from the southern end of the estate.

Do you remember Mitchells mobile hardware shop who came calling? The lamplighter on his bicycle, the rag and bone man with his horse and cart, and Pat Dabson, the Midnight Baker? Carrs, the farmers from Spring Barn Farm who delivered milk?

Or were you there at one of the several  VE Day childrens’ tea parties held in the Nevill in 1945? Peter was at the party for Middle Way and South Way, and Brian Bodle showed us this photo of the tea party in Hamsey Crescent.

Another fabulous photo was taken at a tea party held towards the northern end of the Nevill estate:

Nevill VE Day Party 1945
Image from Alan Brown’s collection. Click to enlarge

You can read Peter’s article here, listed under Nevill Memoirs.


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