Carole Kirby (nee Richardson) remembers childhood on the Nevill Estate

I moved to Nevill, in 1949 at the age of six. My father was to be the bakery manager for Holloways, the restaurant and bakery in Lewes High Street. Our new home was a semi-detached house in Windover Crescent, which had a large air raid shelter in the back garden, with spindly brick supporting walls and a huge slab of concrete for a roof. Our next door neighbours said they used to hide in it during air raid warnings, and were more worried about being killed by the roof falling on top of them than a bomb! Read more…

Windover Crescent, Lewes, front, back, air-raid shelter, 1950s, Carole Kirby
The Richardsons’ house on Windover Crescent: front, back garden, and Carole in front of the air-raid shelter. Click image to enlarge


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