Gideon Mantell and the Dinosaurs of the Weald, 30 November 2021, 7:30pm

Sussex Archaeological Society talk via Zoom

A talk by Dr Susannah Maidment

When Gideon Mantell discovered some large fossilized teeth in the rocks of Cuckfield, Sussex, he immediately recognised them as something unknown to science: they were reptilian, but far larger than the teeth of any reptile alive today. He concluded that a giant, now extinct reptile must have once lived in the area.

Mantell’s discoveries, along with others from Sussex and Oxford, eventually prompted Richard Owen, the founder of London’s Natural History Museum, to name these giant reptiles the “Dinosauria”.

In Dr Maidment’s talk, she’ll discuss the dinosaurs of the Weald, the state of knowledge today, and the methods and techniques being used to put flesh on the bones of these historic discoveries.

More details and tickets on the SAS website (SAS members free, non-members £5)

Image at the Sussex Archaeological Society website


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