Lewes History Group talks for Autumn 2022

Keep an eye out for our talks scheduled for this autumn!
More details to follow.

12 September
Sue Berry: Lewes Development in the 1830s and 1840s
Sue will outline the development of Lewes in the last years of the Georgian period and the early years of Queen Victoria’s reign. This will set the scene for a members’ research project on Victorian and Edwardian Lewes that we hope to offer in 2023.

10 October
Bob Cairns: Transported to Lewes
Bob’s talk will provide a vehicle (deliberate pun) for him to show views in, around and over Lewes featuring various forms of transport. He will show about 100 photo and postcard views, the majority of which will be new to the audience, and invite members to work out where they were taken.

14 November
John Bleach: Historical overview of Cliffe
John will describe the medieval development of the Cliffe as a commercial centre established by the Archbishops of Canterbury to rival that across the river controlled by the De Warrenne family.

12 December
John Kay: Lewes in Living Memory
This will be an event along the same lines as last year’s Christmas Quiz, except that this time we shall be using photographs of the town taken between the 1960s and the 1980s, within the memory of many of our members. It is surprising how much Lewes has changed in that time. Followed by our AGM.


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