Lewes History Group talk: Lewes in the 1790s: A time of change – Monday 11 October 2021, 7:20 for 7:30pm start

A Zoom Webinar

Debby Matthews: Lewes in the 1790s: a Time of Change

The world of the 1790s were truly turbulent times, both politically and socially. In Lewes they were no less momentous and Thomas (1750-1807), father to Gideon Mantell, played his part. This talk will look at the actions and activities of Thomas Mantell, cordwainer and non-conformist, within this context to uncover more of this enigmatic character and the development of Lewes.

Thomas exists very much in the shadow of his famous son, Gideon, who was born on 3 February 1790 in St Mary’s Lane (now Station Street) in Lewes and leaves his own record of growing up in Georgian Lewes. With a combination of the actions of the father and the words of the son we can get a clearer picture of Lewes at this time.

Edwards Map of Lewes 1799, SAS Library
From 1799 Lewes Town Plan, by Edwards. Courtesy of Sussex Archaeological Society

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