Lewes History Group talk: Source to Sea: the River Ouse – Monday 8 February 2021, 7:20 for 7:30pm start

A Zoom Webinar

Geoff Mead: Source to Sea: the River Ouse

Geoff Mead’s talk for Lewes History Group follows the course of the river across geological and historic time; its journey from the sandstones and wooded heights of the High Weald through the gentle pastures of the Low Weald to the deep valley through the South Downs National Park and on to the changing coastline of the Channel. Tributaries enter the main stream from the Weald and the downland creating their own basin features.

The course of the Ouse has eroded the covering of the Weald over millions of years, allowing our access to the core of Southeast England; this area has provided source materials for generations of inhabitants from rock shelters in the Neolithic, through Romano-British ironworking to Tudor gun founders, and Regency estate builders.

Later developments revolved around improved communications with a canalisation, railways, and new roads. The 21st century brings concerns of climate change, water consumption and the loss of particular environments and urbanisation. We cover a range of topics in this fluvial journey, from source to sea.

River Ouse south of Lewes
River Ouse south of Lewes

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