Lewes History Group talk: Southover Church: 900 Years of Change – Monday 12 July 2021, 7:20 for 7:30pm start

A Zoom Webinar

Marcus Taylor: Southover Church: 900 Years of Change

All English parish churches have seen changes over time – great or small, enforced or consensual – but the evidence of them is often hard to see now.

Starting as a hospitium or guest house for Lewes Priory, it became a parish church to meet the needs of those who served the priory and lived nearby in the later 13th century. Marcus Taylor outlines the way in which the building has adapted and grown over the years and explains how these changes have mainly been in response to the needs and priorities of the time.

He also introduces some significant people in this process and relates some associated stories along the way: a dramatic unearthing of ancient bodies and a Victorian riot – in sleepy Southover? Surely not…

Southover Church, Lewes, by RH Nibbs, by Jeremy Long
Southover Church by RH Nibbs (left), by Jeremy Long (right)

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