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Grange Road in the 1960s_Reeves

Grange Road in the 1960s, © Edward Reeves, Lewes

Would you like to get involved?

We are keen to learn more about the history and development of Grange Road.

So far we have looked at –

  • how the road has developed
  • collecting people’s memories
  • the history of individual houses
  • reports on newsworthy events

There is still much more to discover…

  • Who lived here?
  • Which architects and builders have been involved?
  • Which are the oldest houses in the Road?
  • What were the previous numbers of the houses?
  • Which of the houses were named?

How you can help …

  • Do you have access to the deeds?
  • Have members of your family lived in the Road?
  • Do you have memories and photographs to share?

If you have information to share please get in touch

Map of Grange Road
Ordnance Survey 25-inch map sheets of 1873, 54.13 and 54.14, held at ESRO, The Keep



  • Lewes History Group – for financial and practical support
  • Former and current residents of the road
  • Staff at The Keep
  • Reeves Photographers