Lewes Street Stories: Keere Street

Keere Street, also known as Scare Hill, is the cobbled street that drops sharply downhill from the High Street towards Southover.  It lies just outside the old town wall, which forms the boundary for properties on the eastern side of the street.  Most of the properties are Grade II listed, dating from the late 18th or 19th century, with a few exceptions at the southern end of the street.  It is famous for the doubtful legend that the Prince of Wales (future George IV) once drove a coach and four down the street to reach Southover Grange.

At present, my research has several aims:

  • To find out who has owned / lived in the street and the sorts of occupations they had, using censuses, deeds, street directories etc
  • To select a few families who lived in the street over a long period and investigate them further
  • To select houses which are of particular interest e.g.
    • No 1 was a baker’s shop for a long period until WW2
    • The Britannia Inn
    • St Michael’s alms-houses
    • The Caprons
    • No 12 was owned by Eve Garnett who wrote The Family at One End Street

To date, my main research has been census and newspaper records.

If you have deeds, old photos or any relevant information or would like to join my research, please contact me, Janet Kennedy, using this form: