Wallands Park Estate

Lewes expanded in the 20th century. North of the town lay parkland known as the Wallands, which was owned by the Shelleys of Lewes, and after 1854 by their relatives the D’Albiac family. The parkland beyond Shelley’s Paddock, which formed part of the estate, became the subject of building speculation.

Plans were prepared setting out the proposed roads, and development started soon afterwards. However, building proceeded slowly from around 1864 and some roads were not completed until the 20th century.  More recently homes at Wallands Park Rise were not built until 2007.

The Wallands Park Estate is bounded on the north by the Offham Road (A2029); on the west by the Nevill Road (A275); on the south by The Avenue, Bradford Road, and De Montfort Road.

Many of the roads were named after contestants of the Battle of Lewes of 1264.


De Warrenne, Prince Edwards and Gundreda Roads junction, Lewes
Construction in Gundreda Road, Wallands, 1923

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