LHG Bibliography: Biographies, Diaries & Journals

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About Gundrada.

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The monument to the fifty-five ‘Old Boys’ of Lewes County Grammar School for Boys who died on active service in the Second World War.

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Rather specific, includes names only for wills from 1541-1549, in churches Johis p. 129, Michaels Lewes p. 130, Ominium Sanctorum Lewes, p.130. (St John’s, St Michael’s, All Saints). [Full text of article]

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Includes Gage, Goring, Pelham, and Shelley families for Lewes Borough. [Full text of article]

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Elizabeth Bennett, born 1907, was a school teacher and for many years lived in Morris Road, Cliffe.

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Stanmer House belonged to the Pelham family.

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[Full text of article]

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Articles explaining how the lordship of Lewes became sub-divided between three families. [Full text of article]

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Jesse Pumphery was a journeyman millwright who lived and worked in and around Lewes during the first half of the nine-teenth century.

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The tale of a Lewes horse racing family by the original ‘Newsboy’.
Most chapters available  from Google

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One of three volumes of Sussex family history, each volume based on a different town, but with many overlaps.

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[Full text of article]

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Cater Rand was from Lewes.

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Stanmer House was owned by the Pelham family.

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Deals with her personal property, the foundation of the Free Grammar School and directions for its continuance.

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Biographies in the 4th edn are of Archbishop John Peckham, Edmund Dudley, Thomas Blunt, Thomas Twyne MD, John Rowe, John Evelyn FRS, Rev Joseph Grave, Richard Russell MD, FRS, Bishop Chaloner, Rev Henry Michel, John Elliot, James Lambert, Thomas Paine, John Holman, Arthur Lee, John Dudeney, John Baxter, Thomas ‘Clio’ Rickman, Thomas Rickman FSA, Thomas Walker Horsfield FSA, Gideon Algernon Mantell, LLD, FRS, FGS, etc, Paul Dunvan, Mark Antony Lower FSA, John Frederick Verrall, William Durrant Cooper FSA, George Baxter, Harrison Weir, William Figg FSA, Frederick John Holman, George Henry Verrall and four Lewes centenarians.

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Extensive background information identifies members of interests groups promoting and opposing enclosure.

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With illustrations of Gundrada’s tombstone in Southover Church and Isfield Church 1856. The original epitaph in Latin, plus translation. Epitaph removed at Dissolution to Isfield Church, restored to Lewes Priory in 1775. [Full text of article – partially unreadable]

Leeson Prince, C., On the discovery of the remains of William de Warenne and his wife, Gundrada, at Lewes, Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1896, 40, 170-172.
Brief personal account of the finding of the tombs. [Full text of article]

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[Full text of article]

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Marten, William, Selections from the Diary and Epistolatory Correspondence of the late William Marten of Lewes, Harvey & Darton, 1828. A Google book.
William Marten, (1764-1822) was born in Lewes, worked for a relative who was a Lewes shopkeeper, became a Quaker and Minister of the Friends in Lewes.

Mason, Patricia, To the Bridge and Back, Pomegranate Press for Patricia Mason, 2009.
Memories of living in Lewes, particularly in the Cliffe area.

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The story of how the first National Unionisation of workers came to be represented by Thomas Paine.

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The life stories behind all those who sacrificed their lives in the cause of WW1, WW2 and other conflicts, and who had connections with St John sub Castro.

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Robert Croham alias Peterson, who was also the last Dean of South Malling College.

Sawyer, John, Notes on the Ridge family, being some extracts from “A Book of Memorandums Kept by William Ridge”, 1715-1785, Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1890, 37, 116-132.
William Ridge had family connections with Lewes. Includes a grocer’s bill for 1759, flood destroying Cliffe Bridge 1726, earthquake 1734, river frozen 1739, reports of religious services in Lewes. [Full text of article]

Scobell, Caroline Yarde, Diaries for 1845 & 1846 [ESRO/AMS/5683].
Caroline Yarde Scobell, born 1828, was the daughter of Rev John Scobell, Rector of All Saints & Southover.

Stamford, Ann, The Madgwick Letters: A Family History, Independently published, 2019.
Letters from 1874 written by Mattie Madgwick of Alciston to her fiancé John Parsons, son of Lewes stone, slate and timber merchant John Latter Parsons.

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John Every, ironfounder, and his  collection of artefacts relating to iron founding, bequeathed to the Sussex Archaeological Society.

Thomas Paine Society, Thomas Paine Society Bulletin, and The Journal of Radical History. Available online

Verrall, John Hubert, Diaries of John Hubert Verrall (1845-1909), Black Sheep of the Verrall Family of Cliffe. [ESRO/AMS 5636/1/1-3].
The diaries run from 1862 to 1902, when JHV was put in the Lewes Union Workhouse. There is associated correspondence including a newspaper obituary.

Vinall, Kathleen, Tape recordings made in 1972 by Kathleen Vinall, born 1905. She was the daughter and granddaughter of Lewes solicitors Hugh Vinall and Isaac Vinall, a family with a close association with Jireh Chapel, where her ancestor John Vinall had been preacher.

Wells, W.F., When Skies were Always Blue: Diary of a Lewes Boyhood, Pomegranate Press, 2004.

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