Mill Road, South Malling, Lewes

Do you have memories of living in the Mill Road area? Did anyone in your family work at the Steam Laundry, or perhaps, going further back, at Frank Stone’s flour mill and bakery? Do you know anything about the chalk pits on Malling Hill?

If you do, please contact Chris Taylor who is looking into the history of the area around Mill Road. Chris has written a short summary of what he has found out about Malling Windmill, Mill House, the Steam Laundry, Malling Hill Villas, and the modern houses and chalk pits.

Click for Chris’s summary and to leave him a message

Lewes Steam Laundry staff
The numerous laundry staff outside the premises, Mr Frampton Carter, centre.
1920s photograph, r
eproduced with permission of East Sussex Record Office



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