Lewes Street Stories: Mill Road

I’m a relative newcomer to Lewes. I live in one of the new houses at Crosshaven Place in Church Lane and I’ve become interested in the history of the South Malling area.

I would like to put together an account of the development of Mill Road, its industries, its buildings and the people who have worked and lived in them.

I have done quite a bit of research in the records at The Keep at Falmer and I have talked to several residents about their memories of the area.

What follows is just a brief summary of what I have been able to find out so far about Malling Windmill, Mill House, the Steam Laundry, Malling Hill Villas, and the modern houses and chalk pits.

I’m sure I’ve got some things wrong and there are lots of gaps in my knowledge. I would be very happy to receive additional information: facts, stories, house deeds, plans, photographs, maps etc.

Please get in touch with me if you:

  • Would like to see what I have discovered in full and have a chat about it
  • Have any information about any aspect of the distant or recent history of the Mill Road area that you would like to share
  • Know of anyone whom I might contact for help with this project

Thanks and good wishes,
Chris Taylor, October 2019

Malling Mill from Church Lane c. 1900
Malling Windmill from Church Lane. Reproduced with permission from Bob Cairns: Lewes – The Postcard Collection

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