New book: Country Houses of the South Downs, by Sue Berry

This book is the sixth in the Sussex Archaeological Society’s  ‘South Downs’ series, and tells the story of the country house on the Downs. They developed a distinctive role as the centre of country house estates, the number of which increased and then declined between about 1200 and 1950.

As England became wealthier and more politically stable from the later medieval period, the ownership of an estate with a country house became an aspiration of people who had made their wealth through business or profited from their dealings as holders of government posts.

This 160 page book includes over 100 illustrations and four maps in colour, and a list of places which are accessible to the public, and where to find more information about going there.

Sue Berry was the Principal Lecturer in Tourism Management at Brighton University. She wrote Georgian Brighton, and has published in books, in national and international journals, on tourism and history. She lectures on aspects of the historical period between c1680 and 1914.

This book is available from the Sussex Archaeological Society at £12.50 including p&p



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