History of King Henry’s Road, and De Warrenne Road, Lewes

Sheila Wood has been living on King Henry’s Road on the Wallands Park Estate since the 1980s, and has been researching the history of the houses there, and how this suburban area has developed from the late 19th century onward.

You can find Sheila’s work on King Henry’s Road, and De Warrenne Road on her own website, which she describes as a work in progress. There is a page for each house, with as much information as Sheila has been able to gather about who lived there and when. You may recognise names such as boot manufacturer Albion Russell, or Mayor Reginald Yarrow, their family members, and the staff who helped to run these households.

While she has been able to collect a fair amount of detail from 1890 up until 1939, post-WW2 era information is harder to come by. So if you have any comments or information that could be added, please do get in touch.

King Henry's Road, Lewes, Numbers 2-4
Numbers 2 and 4, King Henry’s Road, Lewes


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