Where to find Lewes Directories, 1812-1974

Directories such as Pike’s, and Kelly’s listed an area’s businesses, traders, and professionals, and also residents by address. They pre-dated the telephone directories which later took over some of their functions.

Directories provide a snapshot of communities throughout time, and are very valuable for finding information between censuses. However, the information contained in them is likely to be slightly out of date, and could be somewhat inaccurate.

There are collections of Lewes directories at The Keep, Lewes Library, and the Sussex Archaeological Society’s library. No one location has all the Lewes directories published over time, so the Lewes History Group has stepped in to compile a list of where you might find particular directories, arranged by year. This is now available on our Bibliography page on Lewes Directories.

The listing has been compiled using a combination of catalogue searches, and checking of holdings at each location.




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