New book: The Pubs of Lewes, East Sussex 1550-2000

David and Lynda Russell: The Pubs of Lewes, East Sussex 1550-2000. Lynda Russell, September 2015, 322p.

Russell_Pubs_of_Lewes_2015“At one time or another the Church, the military, Puritans,temperance campaigners and the taxman have all tried to curb the boisterous habits of the Lewes drinker.

This book traces the Lewes drinking habitat through all its manifestations from rude hovel to alehouse, tavern, inn, beer house and the present day pub.

On the way we present some history, be it from the romantic times of the coaching inns to the darkest days of gin fever and the role of the pubs in wartime.”

David Russell

Available via the publisher. Also Harvey’s shop, Cliffe High Street, Lewes, or try other Lewes bookshops.





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