Lewes Library Story; and Fitzroy House Rescue and Restoration – 11 September 2021, 7:00 for 7:30pm

A Fitzroy House Event

Anthea Arnold: The Lewes Library Story

An account of how the Library came to be built and how the Lewes Library Society became a key part of the Fitzroy story, covering how it was funded by Hannah Rothschild; the building by George Gilbert Scott; the original use of it by the Library Society of Lewes; and its life as a public library.

The talk covers all these from its donation to the Council in 1862 until 1956, when it ceased to be a library.

Eleanor Austin: Fitzroy House – Rescue and Restoration

A pictorial ‘before and after’ look at the restoration and transformation from public library to family home; a first-hand account of the rescue of the building by the Franks family.

Fitzroy House, Lewes, derelict interior, exterior
Fitzroy House, derelict interior, and exterior

Venue: Fitzroy House

Details and tickets: from Fitzroy House website