Acknowledgements and References

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Meg, Mary and Shân would first and foremost, like to thank their neighbours on the Hill for so willingly and enthusiastically sharing their knowledge about their properties. In addition, they are very grateful to Sue Harvey and Nick Cannan for putting together and operating the ‘visuals’ during the presentation to the Lewes History Group. Thanks also go to local historians for sharing their findings and images, particularly John Bleach (the Lund sisters and their poems), Colin Brent (details of historical ownerships in Chapel Hill), John Davey (postcards), John Farrant (Baldy’s Garden information and pictures), Philip Pople (cricket history) and Rendel Williams (postcards), as well as the staff of Lewes Library, East Sussex Record Office (ESRO) and the Sussex Archaeological Society (SAS). (A list of research references follows on the next page.) Finally Meg, Mary and Shân are very grateful for the support and encouragement they received from members of the Lewes History Group throughout the project.



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Other documents

Censuses 1841-1911 for Cliffe and South Malling Parishes

James Edwards’ Map of Lewes, 1799, ESRO

Kelly’s Directory of Lewes: 1957-1974 (with some omissions)

National Archive on-line (for summary of documents held at ESRO)

Ordnance Survey Maps: 1873 (1:500 scale) and also 1899 (1:2500 scale), ESRO

Pike’s Lewes, Newhaven and Seaford Directory: 1906 -1952 (with some omissions)

Planning applications made to Lewes District Council 1951-2000(on-line summaries available at

Sussex Advertiser (18th-19th century)

Title deeds for individual properties

William Figg’s Map of Lewes, 1775, SAS