The Riverdale Street Story

Following on from the excellent Chapel Hill Street Story, the Lewes History Group Street Stories Project unveils the Story of Riverdale in South Malling. Riverdale is a much smaller “street”, but one steeped in the history of its setting in the old Malling Deanery estate.

Barbara Merchant traces the fortunes of Green Croft Meadow, from its appearance on a beautiful map drawn in 1622, as it is bought and sold over the centuries, cleaved by the Lewes – Uckfield railway line, turned into a walled kitchen garden, a magical water garden, an orchard and piggery, then left to turn into an overgrown wasteland, and its eventual re-birth as Riverdale: a small development of houses and idyllic gardens.

This work results from the History Group’s aim of encouraging and helping members to do their own original research, including preserving what they discover and making the information publicly available.

Malling Deanery water gardenPhoto of the Malling Deanery water and rose garden, Hampton & Sons sale brochure c. 1950. By kind permission of Sussex Archaeological Society, Barbican House Museum




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