Lewes History Group Bibliography


This is a collection of references to books, articles and manuscripts on various topics relating to the history of Lewes, compiled by Lewes History Group members. It is an on-going project, and your suggestions are welcome, although the editors will make the final decision on inclusion of references.

We have divided the bibliography into topic sections, but you can search the bibliography (and the rest of the Lewes History Group website) from the search box at top right of every page, and then use your browser’s Find facility to search the specific pages retrieved.

Many references are from the journal Sussex Archaeological Collections. While compiling this bibliography we discovered that early volumes were available online, but hard to find. We have therefore created a listing of online volumes to facilitate searching.

For a broader bibliography covering the history of Sussex, and advice on how to conduct historical research, we recommend The Sussex Historian’s Handbook by John Farrant et al. On a lighter note, the (late) Viva Lewes magazine published short but useful articles on Lewes history. Copies in Lewes Library, and the Library of the Sussex Archaeological Society. Pomegranate Press publishes books on Lewes history.

Topic Headings